Las digitalizaciones del poder y sus relaciones en los campos de la producción y distribución musical en Bogotá : caso de Entrópico Thesis

short description

  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Cardozo-Acosta, Luis Alberto


  • The present study has as objective to know the transformations that the production and the musical distribution have had in Bogota through the case of the Entropic musical band, all this framed in the influence that the technologies of the information and the telecommunications have had in the last decades and that has attracted the attention of theoreticians and studies on nascent phenomena today. The document consists of three parts: the first outlines the construction of the research problem, its theoretical framework and methodological framework; the second is the report of the research which is constructed under the focus of autoethnography, which provides freedom at the time of writing and selecting the relevant information, given that the researcher is in turn the case study. The third part is devoted to the conclusions and final considerations, that taking advantage of the subject and its wide application in social life, incorporates perspectives towards the future of humanity. It is expected that the document is a contribution to the understanding of social reality and the dynamics that are generated in the musical world.

publication date

  • October 29, 2018 5:36 PM


  • TIC
  • bogota
  • distribution
  • entrópico
  • music
  • power
  • practices
  • production
  • technology

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  • 7d1f67a7-4f6c-464e-aaa0-29f8ae03b471