Franz Kafka, sus obras al diván. Un estudio desde el psicoanálisis Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Rojas Donado, Carol Stephanie
  • Sanabria Cantón, Jessica Nathalia


  • The present work has the main aim of presenting an investigation from a psychoanalytic approach about the life and work of Franz Kafka. This revision includes some of his most important works like Letter to my Father, The Metamorphosis, The Judgment, The Hunger Artist, The Burrow, and others. An analysis regarding some significant facts in his life is also presented, such as the conflictive relationship with his father, or his fear of marriage and how these can affect his works and his inner life is analyzed.

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  • January 16, 2014 5:35 PM


  • Franz Kafka
  • Literature
  • Psychoanalysis

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