Promoción de actividad física en el nivel territorial: retos y oportunidades en el departamento del Quindío Thesis

short description

  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Díaz del Castillo Hernandez, Adriana
  • Leandro Gómez, Rafael Alexander
  • Ruiz Gómez, Nubia Yaneth
  • Serrato Tamayo, Jenny Adriana
  • Sáenz Rengifo, Natalia

external tutor

  • Leandro Gomez, Rafael Alexander


  • This work compiles the results of the pilot of information gathering, analysis and monitoring of the progress of the construction and implementation of public policies for the promotion of physical activity (PA) and the reduction of sedentary behaviors in the department of Quindío. The process began with the review of different public policy documents at the local level. Additionally, an adaptation of the CAPLA-Santé instrument was carried out, which includes different dimensions or categories for the analysis of a local public policy. Based on this adapted instrument, 17 semi-structured interviews were conducted with people in charge of different sectors at the departmental level and in the municipalities of Armenia, Buenavista, Filandia, and Calarcá. Finally, the document presents the lines of work identified in local physical activity policies, followed by a series of recommendations aimed at decision-makers and those in charge of implementing actions in the hope of drawing attention to the importance of orienting and basing improvements in public policies for the promotion of PA in Colombia.

publication date

  • August 25, 2022 3:07 AM


  • Physical activity
  • Public health
  • Public policies
  • Quindío
  • Sedentary behaviors

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  • a2997859-15ee-4862-b7b9-2b60f1cc263c