Instrumentos de Política Publica para el sector Confección, Textil y Afines en Colombia Thesis

short description

  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Acosta Guio, Luisa Alejandra
  • Arciniegas Rincón, Erik Stopwar
  • Dániel Puello, Juan Sebastian
  • Suarez Medina, Carlos Alberto

external tutor

  • Gutiérrez, Luis H.
  • Olaya Flórez, Sandra Ximena
  • Sepulveda, Carlos E.


  • This document supports a technical study on the different measures that the Colombian Chamber of Clothing and Related Products could suggest to the National Government to provide relief to the economic sector it represents, this within the framework of the different spaces for dialogue that are held with the national institutions and the competitiveness of the sectors. Consequently, this work configures a Diagnosis of competitiveness of the clothing, textile and related sectors in Colombia for 2020, from a vision of Michael Porter's diamond of competitiveness model. An analysis of public policy instruments for the clothing, textile and related sectors in 2020. and a set of guidelines for the construction of the economic observatory of the Colombian clothing and related chamber

publication date

  • February 3, 2021 3:38 PM


  • Competitiveness of the clothing and related sector in Colombia
  • Diagnosis of the apparel sector in Colombia
  • Economic Observatory of the Colombian Chamber of Clothing and Related
  • Products Post Covid 19 economic reactivation
  • Public policies for the textile sector
  • Strategic planning for post-pandemic economic recovery

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