Actitudes de un grupo de directivos de empresa hacia la integración laboral de personas en proceso de reintegración en Colombia Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Penagos Penagos, Ashly
  • Uribe Marquez, Carolina


  • Colombia faces a demobilization process and one of the goals is labor reinstatement, understood as an adaptation process within an organization. The present study has the primary objective of understanding the attitudes of the principal executives in regards to the labor reinstatement process PPR, through a qualitative analysis. For this purpose, a series of semi structured interviews were held involving three high ranking executives of the private and public sector. The results of the study show that the attitudes of the three entrepreneurs in regards to personnel hiring within the labor reinstatement process can vary between positive or negative. One of the predominant and most influential attitudes is the executives` prior beliefs and prejudice in regards to the people involved labor reinstatement process. Basically, uncertainty in regards of the worker’s performance, possible lack of dedication, labor conflicts and difficulty in establishing relationships with coworkers. In conclusion, the organizational behavioral model plays a crucial role, as is encompasses the elements that influence and determine the construction of attitudes. These guide the evaluation of conducts that can be either positive or negative in different stages of the labor reinstatement process.

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  • January 11, 2017 4:05 PM


  • Attitudes
  • Organizational behavior
  • People in process of labor integration
  • Reintegration process

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