Correlación de las condiciones de iluminación, ángulo visual, agudeza visual y contraste con y síntomas visuales en trabajadores de un call center en Bogotá, Colombia Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Aguilar Corrales, Rafael
  • Ibáñez-Pinilla, Milcíades
  • Pinzon-Rondon, Angela Maria

external tutor

  • Ibáñez-Pinilla, Milcíades
  • Pinzon-Rondon, Angela Maria


  • Objective: To establish the association between light conditions and visual angle to the visual appearance of symptoms in computer operators. Materials and methods: Cross-sectional study and correlation sample of 136 administrative workers of a call center belonging to a health institution in the city of Bogotá, using a questionnaire that socio demographic and occupational variables were evaluated; simultaneously symptom scale vision - computer (CVSS17), performing medical evaluation and measurement distance operator lighting and computer screen, the data collected and bivariate statistical analysis was performed and the correlation between lighting conditions, viewing angle, discrimination and visual acuity hired was established; against the appearance of visual symptoms associated with computer use, with a significance level of 5% (p < 0. 05). Results: The average age of study participants was 36. 3 years with a range between 22 and 57 years and where the female gender was predominant with 79. 4%. Visual symptoms associated with the use of computer screen of 59. 6% was found, the most frequent being the epífora (70. 6%), photophobia (67. 6%) and ocular (54. 4%), showing found a significant inverse correlation with lighting levels and manifestation of photophobia (p=0. 02; r= 0. 262). Moreover no significant correlation was found between the symptoms reported with viewing angle and visual acuity and contrast discrimination. Conclusion: Lighting working conditions of the study group are related to the manifestation of photophobia, finding significance; however visual association between symptoms and other sociodemographic variables, specifically with gender-screen photophobia, visual fatigue and photophobia found. and which will be presented in detail the results.

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  • 2016-01-27


  • Asthenopia
  • Computer
  • Photophobia
  • lighting

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