Criterios de BEERS y STOPP/START para la detección de la prescripción inadecuada de medicamentos en mayores de 65 años. Revisión sistemática de la literatura. Thesis

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  • Postgraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Jaramillo Builes, Laura Manuela
  • Nemeguén Arias, Camilo Ernesto

external tutor

  • Calderon-Ospina, Carlos-Alberto
  • Dominguez-Dominguez, Camilo Alberto


  • WHO data of 2014, state that between 2015 and 2050, the proportion of the world's population over 60 years of age will go from 900 million to 2000 million. Reports have indicated that inadequate prescription of medications increases with age, becoming as high as 70%, and among these patients, it has been found that 10 to 15% of hospital admissions are related to adverse events to medications, with the consequent increase in morbidity and mortality. The emergence of tools, whose purpose is to identify potentially inappropriate formulations, opens a light to clinical practice for the health of the elderly and the reduction of the risks to which they may be exposed by their treatments. Despite having these tools, their application in certain populations is limited as a result of the difference in the medications that can be accessed according to the conditions in each country. That is why, when determining the usefulness of these tools, it is expected to open a door for studies that allow reaching a consensus on their applicability in the Colombian geriatric population.

publication date

  • March 2, 2020 10:15 PM


  • Beers Criteria
  • Potentially inappropriate medication
  • STOPP/START criteria

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