Diseño de un Modelo de Formación por Demanda en Competencias Tecnológicas y Digitales para Clientes de una Empresa de Talento Humano Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Macías Ramón, Jorge Ernesto
  • Romero Pinto, Yanna Beli


  • Companies are increasingly faced with the limited supply of technologically skilled labor, which makes it more difficult to recruit suitable personnel for their vacant positions. This gap between the needs of companies, and the skills available in the labor market, has become an obstacle for companies that offer recruitment and selection services to get the candidates for which their clients hire them. With this applied business project (PAE) we propose an innovative model of on-demand training, so that the company under study can offer its clients candidates with the specific skills they require; and in turn, obtain an additional economic benefit from the different candidates who are willing to pay for said training. The objective of this training model is to make it profitable and sustainable over time. This PAE provides two main benefits to the company under study; on the one hand, it allows you to directly train the different candidates it offers, within its recruitment and selection service, thus guaranteeing that they meet the competencies requested by its different clients; On the other hand, it allows the company to offer these courses to the general public, opening the possibility of receiving additional billing for enrollment, as well as greater visibility in networks and media in the face of a segment little explored for the company until the moment.

publication date

  • February 18, 2021 4:48 PM


  • Human talent management companies
  • Human talent training services
  • Strategic planning
  • Technological competency development training services

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  • bd43957a-b367-4c01-99fa-15e09ba99591