¿Impactó el programa de Tutores Pares a sus tutores? Thesis

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  • Postgraduate thesis

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  • Ordoñez Pinilla, Karen Alexandra
  • Peñaloza Lopez, Ivan Felipe


  • Introduction: The program of Tutores Pares-TP is an academic initiative created in the School of Medicine of Universidad del Rosario which provides support made by peer tutors to less advanced students. It gives to its tutors several tools to perform harmoniously their tasks and provides skills for managing knowledge. The aim of this study is to explore potential impacts generated after the involvement of medical students as TPs within a structured program. Methods: Qualitative study that involved the construction and application of surveys to focus groups -Tps, Teachers and relatives- based on six axes / categories that frame the ideal physician. The answers obtained from closed and open questions underwent descriptive analysis and triangulation. Results: 41 peer tutors grouped into specific groups, showed an overall positive impact with relevance in interpersonal skills (60%, 65%, 66%, 45%, respectively) functions / and practice-based improvement activities (57% , 67%, 60%, 45%) and how knowledge (47%, 70%, 67%, 48%) are employed. Eight interviewed teachers considered significant impact in interpersonal skills (49%), knowledge- (42%) and interaction with colleagues (38%). For parents, there is a consensus on the change in interpersonal skills, practice-based functions and improvement in attitudes and in ethics. These results are in parallel with observations given in the open questions. Conclusions: An overall positive impact on training and professional performance was evident after participation in the program as TP, finding that supports those published in similar academic experiences.

publication date

  • 2014-11-04


  • Comprehensive training
  • collaborative work
  • medical education
  • peer learning
  • peer tutors
  • professional skills

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