Automatización en Seat, un proceso exitoso empleado de manera responsable Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • González Fuentes, Livia Elena


  • The automation process, which can be thought of as new in a world increasingly developed in technology, originates centuries ago with the revolutions against the first consciously automated processes, the agricultural and industrial revolution are a starting point for this. . In these referents of its origin the concept of automation was not well understood or well seen, it was understood as automation to fill the machinery organizations that replaced the human workforce, displacing thousands of people from their jobs and affecting only negative way to the population. From this point several inflection points arise that mark important changes in the history of organizations, these changes lead to the automation process to what it is today and for this reason it is pertinent to review them for further illustration on the subject. In this way, responsible automation is approached in this work as an important element to increase the productivity of companies, specifically Seat. The issue of automation was focused on the SEAT company to demonstrate this as profitable not only for companies in large industries but also for workers when it is used responsibly since the working population is not displaced by the machinery but also operates and works together with these resources, reducing physical wear and speeding up processes in the organization.

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  • May 26, 2020 6:25 PM


  • Automation
  • Responsible process
  • Seat
  • Success

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