Condiciones asistenciales y administrativas que potencialmente influirían en la satisfacción del cliente interno y externo de un servicio de salud: Implicaciones para la gestión operacional Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Maldonado Clavijo, July Marcela
  • Morales Quevedo, Jairo Alonso
  • Villanueva Vera, Maicol


  • Quality in health and health satisfaction are two phenomena of a different nature, however the literature reports that both measurements seem similar factors evaluated in the provision of health services. The health quality ¨ refers to beliefs that shape perception as part of cognition while satisfying ¨ belongs to the field of attitudes, affection, or desfavorabilidad favorability. The fundamental objective of quality has been meeting the needs of internal and external customers as these are the ones to determine satisfaction levels according to their expectations; satisfaction health services conceived as a value judgment, positive or negative constructs the subject that has been serviced according to the fulfillment of their expectations, is considered one of the main objectives of the quality of health care and a measure of optimal performance of hospitals and then, the objective of this study was determine what assistance and administrative characteristics potentially influence the assessment of user satisfaction and official to care in health services Municipal Hospital guamo-Tolima, by identifying, measuring and describing them.The study results obtained from the comparison of means of each of the items assessed, and the significant difference of means showed significant differences between the importance assigned by users against the officials assigned to the Items 1 through 6, and those that comprise the sub-scale No. 1.

publication date

  • 2013-05-26


  • Hospital management
  • Quality in Health
  • Satisfaction of health services

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