La gestión social en rehabilitación. Un enfoque emergente en salud pública para la fisioterapia Book


  • Social management has been assumed by the research group Rehabilitation Sciences as a process of actions and decision making that has to go from the approach to a problem, its study and understanding, to the design and implementation of proposals, according to the realities of the contexts. This process requires continuous learning and in conjunction with social groups, which allows them to have a political influence; in short, social management is a political strategy that articulates civil society with the state and institutions for the transformation of realities. This strategy, incorporated in the physiotherapy, phonoaudiology and occupational therapy programs of the Universidad del Rosario as one of the areas of deepening, has been founded and updated according to the social, political and research changes that affect its conceptualization. Therefore, this work seeks to conceptualize the area of deepening social management in rehabilitation, from the physiotherapy program, recognizing the epistemological and praxiological advances, and allowing a dialogue between the concept itself, notions of public health, competencies and pedagogical strategies for training in the area and the research approach.

publication date

  • 2015/12/30


  • Editorial Universidad del Rosario


  • management
  • political
  • process
  • research
  • social
  • strategy