Garantías para la oposición: una avance hacia la paz Chapter


  • The institutionalization of citizen participation and mechanisms for the participation of the people in the exercise of their sovereignty is the bet made by Colombia in the 1980s. This political decision is motivated by the lack of democratic legitimacy of institutions, representatives and governors, as well as the need to include citizens in the political and administrative decisions that affect them. For this reason, the Faculties of Jurisprudence and of Political Science and Government, in association with the National Registry of Civil Status, have proposed to carry out a first level academic reflection that corresponds to the special political situation, in order to be able to weigh the democratic, political, electoral and administrative elements that play a special role in the development of our democratic institutions.

publication date

  • 2016/4/19


  • administrative
  • democratic
  • development
  • institutions
  • participation
  • political

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