La necesidad de establecer una condición jurídica para quienes deben migrar por causa de los desastres naturales : una realidad que atender desde la perspectiva de los derechos humanos Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

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  • Torres-Villarreal, Maria-Lucia


  • The disproportionate increase in the number of natural disasters, coupled with the frequency with which they occur throughout the world, has shown a major concern of the States: the forced displacement of the population from this cause and the delicate situation human rights involved, for which international organizations have repeatedly urged the States to act jointly and promptly to prevent this remains one of the highest causes of Displacement. This forced migration puts forward a problem as there is no universally accepted position on what the legal status of persons who, because of natural disasters, must leave everything, the absence of this categorization leads to the absence of a legal framework international laws and thus a gap in the internal regulation of the States. This research aims to analyze existing migration concepts in international law and whether the legal status of those who must leave everything because of natural disasters fit into any of these categories or if it is necessary to create a new category that addresses the particular the context of this migration from a human rights perspective. For this, reflections on such concepts as well as an analysis of some reference cases are made, including the situation experienced in Colombia with Ola Winter 2010, looking to make some suggestions for possible legally viable solutions.

publication date

  • 2014-02-17


  • Displacement
  • Environmental migrants
  • Forced migration
  • Natural disasters
  • Refugees

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  • 796e8b0d-e36f-453f-a493-71b1679271f3