Análisis comparado del comportamiento de las coaliciones de los partidos políticos durante el Frente Nacional en Colombia y el Pacto de Puntofijo en Venezuela durante el periodo de 1958 a 1974 Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

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  • Prado Gómez, Diego


  • Nowadays, the political reality in Colombia and Venezuela has been caracterized for having several resemblances such as the creation of political coalitions like “la Unidad Nacional de Juan Manuel Santos” or “la Mesa de Unidad Democrática en Venezuela”. These processes have been compared to the alliances which generated a democratic transition such as “el Frente Nacional” and “el Pacto de Puntofijo. In consequence, the current coalitions are mostly considered as reproductions of two processes in the political history in both countries.This research, has as a purpose the comparison between el Frente Nacional in Colombia and el Pacto de Puntofijo in Venezuela. In this way, the research aims to analyze the political parties behave and mostly the coalitional process between parties. With the information given previously, this thesis has three main objectives: 1. to establish resemblances and differences between el Frente Nacional and el Pacto de Puntofijo. 2. To create different types of coalitions from the diversity found in colombian and venezuelan history. 3. Finally, this comparison allows the analysis in the political situation at present in Colombia and Venezuela which, at the same time allows to reveal if actually we can call the current situation as a reproductions from the past

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  • 2011-09-02


  • Coalitions
  • Political parties

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