Crítica histórico epistemológica y sociopolítica del concepto de salud mental de la OMS en el año 2013, a partir del análisis de diferentes definiciones contemporáneas de salud Thesis

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  • Master's thesis

Thesis author

  • Cuervo Barreto, Laura Cristina


  • The concept of Mental Health has been poorly analyzed from the perspective of historical-epistemological and socio-political criticism. The different historical events that led to the development of WHO and PAHO as institutions founded in the United States, in charge of international health, determined the definition of the concept of Mental Health. This was marked by the functionalist definition of Health and the positivist model, which are based on a biologist's conception to explain and deal with health problems. This study aims to review the process of construction of this concept of Health and the derivation that from this definition is made on Mental Health, showing how these definitions are based, and employing a double approach of historical-epistemological and socio-political nature, giving elements that, in the future, contribute to the reevaluation of the concept of Mental Health, to overcome its current foundation. It is also intended to leave a theoretical-methodological platform that could serve as a basis for the construction of public mental health policies in the future.

publication date

  • March 20, 2019 8:31 PM


  • Health
  • Historical-epistemological criticism
  • Mental Health
  • PAHO
  • WHO

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