Participación de niños y niñas en los grupos armados ilegales de Colombia : una revisión de la literatura de los procesos de reclutamiento, permanencia y desmovilización desde el enfoque psicosocial Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Melo Rincón, Cindy Marcela


  • The document aimed to carry out a review of literature in national studies on the involvement of children in illegal armed groups in Colombia from a psychosocial approach. It reviews 24 articles and two masters theses between 2005 and 2015, published in some specialized databases, catalogs of universities and impact tools. The results showed that most of the studies on involvement of children in the armed groups focus on processes linking and unlinking. Specifically, the psychosocial studies analyzed show a comprehension of the phenomenon from the ecological approach due to the strong relationship between the individual and the environment. Therein, the main issues found in the literature were the configuration of identity, motivations and interactions with their immediate environment and social and political institutions.

publication date

  • 2016-12-13


  • Armed groups
  • Boy and girls
  • Linking
  • Permanence
  • Psychosocial approach
  • Unlinking

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  • b830d120-5ca1-41d9-87e3-de4599d883e4