Spatial diversification of Panstrongylus geniculatus (Reduviidae : Triatominae) in Colombia Thesis

short description

  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Caicedo Garzón, Valentina

external tutor

  • Ramírez, Juan David
  • Salazar, Camilo


  • We present the first approximation of genetic diversity, phylogenetic relationships and population structure of Panstrongylus geniculatus in Colombia. We compiled an extensive sampling to construct a phylogeny and estimate the genetic structure of the populations found.

publication date

  • February 11, 2019 5:36 PM


  • Chagas disease
  • Dispersal
  • Genetic diversification
  • Panstrongylus geniculatus
  • Triatominae

Document Id

  • c124fdf4-d7ee-4e04-a037-aa09dd4e6162