Ex combatientes y proceso de reintegración: representaciones sociales de un grupo estudiantes del área de la salud Thesis

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  • Undergraduate thesis

Thesis author

  • Herrera Marín, Lilian Estefanya
  • Rubio Olarte, Ingrid Lizeth


  • This study attempts to describe the social representations a group of university students from the health studies area. On the topic of ex-combatants of rebel armed groups in Colombia and about their reintegration processes. This is a qualitative study with a procedural approach from the social representations theory. Participants of this study were health students from a private university in Bogotá. The data was collected through an exercise of free association to develop the semantic component of the representations. Additionally, a semi-structured interview on an individual basis was performed to identify the dimensions of information, attitude, and representational field. The prevalence of prejudices against ex-combatants and the influence of the media on the standards and quality of information of these objects of representation was found through the study. Furthermore, the identification of an ambiguity regarding the reintegration process in some ways suggests the difficulties for the inclusion of this group in society, and the presence of negative discrimination, and the low expectations for change within the structure of the peace process.

publication date

  • January 16, 2017 3:19 PM


  • Ex-combatants
  • Reintegration process.
  • Social representations

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  • cb5131e1-16f0-407d-adad-4bef69c7f4ca