How to cope the business turbulence: Prospective study of the Mamonal Port in the City of Cartagena (Colombia) Academic Article


  • This paper aimed at applying the methodology of strategic prospective and in a particular way these techniques: MICMAC, MACTOR and SMIC to the Port of Mamonal Port in Cartagena for cope with turbulence environment. The method used was descriptive with a probabilistic sample of 23 employees. Survey and group areas were the methods applied, in three stages or processes: strategic prospective, market analysis and strategic analysis, which allowed establishing future sceneries for the development of the initiatives and projects up to the year 2032.

publication date

  • 2018/6/30


  • 39


  • analysis
  • methods
  • micmac
  • port
  • prospective
  • strategic
  • year

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  • 0798-1015