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Serrano López, Adriana María  |  Faculty Member

Tutored Theses: 16
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Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of International, Political and Urban Studies of the Universidad del Rosario. Philosopher from the Javeriana University, Master in Development Studies from the IUED attached to the University of Geneva (Switzerland), PhD candidate in the Doctorate of Social and Human Sciences from the Javeriana University. I worked in the line of research on Political Culture and Philosophy, and to date I have migrated to the line of research on Security, conflict and peace, both belonging to GEPI.

After working for ten years in the analysis of gender issues and in matters related to cultural, political, economic and social processes that frame development as a phenomenon, I have opened my research spectrum to problems related to the peacebuilding process and reconciliation in the post-conflict context.This change has involved me with processes that combine research and extension dimensions; and that are articulated with my doctoral training project. My areas of interest are related to processes of cultural transformation, and to the dynamics of formation and consolidation of political and social processes.

The themes that I have worked on have been the transformation of gender roles in Colombia, and the processes of reconciliation and peacebuilding within the framework of the post-agreement. I am also interested in the problems related to the cultural and political dynamics of the development phenomenon.

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  • Profesor principal de carrera

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  • Maestría en Estudios del Desarrollo,  Institut Universitaire d'Études du Développement 

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  • Adriana María Serrano López

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  • Universidad del Rosario. Edificio Santafé - piso 4




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  • Adriana-María Serrano-López


  • http://scienti.colciencias.gov.co:8081/cvlac/visualizador/generarCurriculoCv.do?cod_rh=0000207691


  • http://orcid.org/0000-0001-8276-8483

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