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Rodríguez Burbano, Diana Consuelo  |  Faculty Member Person

Tutored Theses: 7
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Chemist and Chemical Engineer graduated from Universidad de Los Andes (Bogota, Colombia). She obtained her PhD in Chemistry from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). Her doctoral studies were funded through the ‘Convocatoria Nacional para estudios de Doctorado en el exterior (Convocatoria No. 568). Since 2019, she works as Principal Professor of the Biomedical Engineering Program of the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of the Universidad del Rosario. She is currently Co-Director of the Master in Biomedical Engineering, a program of Universidad del Rosario in agreement with the Escuela Colombiana de Ingeniería Julio Garavito. Classified as Junior Researcher (Minciencias, Colombia), she is the leader of the SyNERGIA research seedbed. Her research interests are oriented to the design, synthesis and characterization of luminescent nanoplatforms for biomedical applications. Her research projects as well as projects for the training of young scientist in research have been funded by Competitive Funds of Universidad del Rosario, Minciencias and L’Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

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  • Profesor principal de carrera

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  • Doctorado en Química, Concordia University

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  • Diana Consuelo Rodríguez Burbano

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  • Diana Consuelo Rodríguez Burbano


  • https://scienti.colciencias.gov.co/cvlac/visualizador/generarCurriculoCv.do?cod_rh=0001347746


  • https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8732-6326

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  • https://scholar.google.es/citations?user=TyB9VBoAAAAJ&hl=es&oi=ao


  • https://pure.urosario.edu.co/en/persons/diana-consuelo-rodriguez-burbano