Utopía u oportunidad fallida : análisis crítico del Acuerdo del Paz Book


  • This book is the outcome of a conversation between its editors several weeks before October 2, 2016, the date on which the Colombian people were to vote whether to approve the Havana Peace Agreement. Like many Colombians, we discussed different aspects and challenges of the agreement between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia –farc–. This conversation between two people soon became a dialogue among twenty-three authors. This volume is a contribution of Universidad del Rosario’s Law School to the ongoing debate around the end of the armed conflict and peacebuilding in Colombia. Professors from Universidad del Rosario and other Colombian universities shared their articles to offer insights from the socio-legal perspective to the debate on the Peace Agreement’s advantages and disadvantages, and lessons learned in this process. In this context, this work aims at promoting an informed discussion on the role of the law and lawyers in designing and implementing peace initiatives. After many years in which scholars have devoted their research to understand the interplay between the internal armed conflict and the law, it is time to begin an in-depth analysis of the interaction between the law and post-conflict scenarios.

publication date

  • 2017/1/1


  • Colombia
  • Law
  • conversation
  • dialogue
  • editor
  • interaction
  • lawyer
  • military
  • peace
  • scenario
  • school law
  • time
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